Based on in-house developments and finalized with on-going projects, Bertin Instruments is proud to announce the release of Second Sight MS for military vehicles, a version dedicated to CBRN reconnaissance vehicles. The standoff chemical detector Second Sight MS fully complies with the military standard in terms of vibrations, shocks, EMC and IP. In terms of gas detection performance, it includes the latest software developments with Gas X – the ability to detect automatically unknown gas, impure formulation and mixtures of gas.

Most chemical warfare agents are included in the database for identification purposes and validated via third-party testing. For automatic area scanning or pointing the Second Sight in a designated surveillance area from inside the vehicle, Bertin has selected and validated a unique pan & tilt solution. The pan & tilt is gyrostabilized to enhance detection performance at 5km with a custom 12° lens.

This pan & tilt also optimizes robustness while moving, as well as nx360 scanning of the area. Fixed on the roof of the vehicle, Second Sight MS monitoring is done from the central computer inside the CBRN safe area. The IP protocol deployed for Second Sight monitoring makes the integration straightforward, with the latest network capability. High-performance, strong and easy-to-use, Second Sight MS is becoming the best-in-class solution for standoff chemical detection dedicated to CBRN reconnaissance missions.

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