In June 2017, Bertin Instruments went to Total Lacq in Pau for a trial campaign on Methane. Several labs and industrials were invited to show their technology. The goal was to find out more on the different gas detection technologies (benefits and weaknesses) in order to develop a supervision software using the advantages of each technology, to improve the safety on industrial sites.

For this event, two Second Sight TC were deployed to monitor the leaks. Thanks to a supervision software, called Vapor Cloud Tracking System (VCTS), both cameras can be monitored together. The infrared images are displayed side by side. The gas clouds are shown on the screen in real time and the cloud location can be followed on the plant’ map. This software is also adapted to systems using more than 2 cameras.

Second Sight Gas detection camera

Second Sight – Gas leak detector

Control Room - Second Sight

Control room

The Second Sight TC ensures the safety of the industrial site by:

  • raising alarm in case of gas leak or gas accumulation creating a cloud
  • estimating the source point
  • showing the contaminated area

This trial campaign shows the ability of the Second Sight TC to detect and identify Methane but also the added value of the VCTS software to:

  • Monitor several cameras on the same interface
  • Display and track the gas cloud over the petrochemical plant
  • Identify the leak to take the appropriate measure


NEW! Watch Stéphane Senac, Bertin Instruments Research and Development Director, present the trial:


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