During the past decade, the Coriolis air samplers have been increasingly used for air bio-contamination monitoring.
With over 300 publications from research labs all around the world, we were able to select the best open-source research papers with studies using the Coriolis air samplers. With sampling strategies optimized for bacteria, fungi, and viruses, these papers contain some of the best air sampling protocols from 2021.
Discover the Top 3 open-source research papers selected by our Field Application Scientist Floriane Cohen.


  • Virus detection

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 within the healthcare environment: a multi-centre study conducted during the first wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in England
G.Moore, H.Rickard, D.Stevenson, P.Aranega-Bou, J.Pitman, A.Crook, K.Davies, A.Spencer, C.Burton, L.Easterbrook, H.E.Love, S.Summers, S.R.Welch, N.Wand, K-A.Thompson, T.Pottage, K.S.Richards, J.Dunning, A.Bennett

Instrument: Coriolis μ air sampler
Collection liquid: RNase-free phosphate buffered saline (PBS)
Protocol: Coriolis μ operating at 300 L/min positioned close to patients (<1 m) with and without respiratory symptoms for 10 min.
Sample analysis: RNA extraction, RT-PCR, virus isolation on Vero E6 cells


  • Bacteria detection

Low airborne tenacity and spread of ESBL-/AmpC-producing Escherichia coli from fertilized soil by wind erosion
Paul Siller, Katrin Daehre, Kerstin Rosen, Steffen Münch, Alexander Bartel, Roger Funk, Ulrich Nübel, Thomas Amon, Uwe Roesler

Instrument: Coriolis μ air sampler
Collection liquid: Phosphate buffered saline (PBS)
Protocol: 300L/min for 10min. The air sampling devices were positioned 1.5 m above the ground, to imitate the height at which average humans respire
Sample analysis: culture, qPCR and sequencing


  • Fungi detection

Indoor Air Quality in Healthcare and Care Facilities: Chemical Pollutants and Microbiological Contaminants
Alexandre Baudet, Estelle Baurès, Hélène Guegan, Olivier Blanchard, Monique Guillaso, Pierre Le Cann, Jean-Pierre Gangneux and Arnaud Florentin

Instrument: Coriolis μ air sampler
Collection liquid: Coriolis collection liquid (Bertin Technologies, Montigny-les-Bretonneux, France)
Protocol: 100L/min for 10min. Air sampling collected twice per room
Sample analysis: culture, mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS.)


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