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Civilian Areas surveillance and protection

Critical infrastructure requires installation of security applications inside and outside the facility perimeter. The Flexnet networked sensor platform offers a flexible and quickly deployable 24/7 protection solution using a combination of intelligent and autonomous sensors and cameras.

The Flexnet remote wireless surveillance system can be installed temporarily or in a fixed configuration in order to monitor critical sites and infrastructures as well as borders, without needing a pre-existing infrastructure. The system provides early detection, classification and identification of illegal intrusions. Due to the wireless, battery operated concept, the UGS network is quickly deployed for autonomous temporary or fixed surveillance without the need of existing infrastructure.

Flexnet can also be used for permanent installations and temporary solutions to enhance security of critical infrastructures and areas, including high-value assets and sensitive targets. Flexnet’s independence of existing infrastructures, the flexibility and ease of deployment makes the system an ideal choice where other conventional CCTV and protection systems would not be suitable.


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