On 22nd and 23rd of February, Bertin Instruments team organized a successful Workshop on Radon Measurements in Mangalore, India. The event took place at the authorized site of the Centre for Advanced Research in Environmental Radioactivity (CARER) of Mangalore University, which maintains international relations and managed to establish itself over the years as a major center for India.

The Bertin team as well as many of the 40 participants from all over India & Kuwait, contributed actively to the workshop, with presentations and fruitful discussions in the fields of:

– Radon situation in India and Europe (exposition, radiation protection, regulations, etc.).

– Radon and progenies in air and water: Health risk and radiation protection.

– Measurement systems: measurement of Radon and Thoron in air, measurement of Radon progenies, measurement of Radon in water and soil, online monitoring with remote data communication.

– Radon as a precursor signal in seismic activity.

Research in Radon, Thoron and progenies – future perspective.

An important part of the workshop was dedicated to the demonstration of Bertin’s Radon monitor AlphaGUARD and its accessories for the measurement of Radon in air, water and soil and for the measurement of Thoron and Radon progenies. A visit of the Radon laboratory at CARER was also part of the workshop. With its state-of-the-art Radon calibration chamber, the CARER provides the national facility for calibration of Radon measurement devices. The new generation of the AlphaGUARD is used as reference instruments for the calibrations. One special feature of the calibration chamber is the used Radon source: the Radon concentration used for the calibrations is provided by two Soil Gas Probes from Bertin that are installed in front of the CARER building and are connected to the calibration chamber.

Experts’ presentations have highlighted how important it is to work with stable operating equipment. In addition to this, some of the participant have been long-term users of Bertin’s very reliably and stable operating Radon monitoring equipment for the past 20 years.


Workshop on Radon Measurements in Mangalore, India

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