Cancer is a major worldwide concern of public health, which affects everyone in a direct or indirect way. This pathology can touch many different organs and take many different forms, meaning the research in this field is very diverse. Cancerology involves many levels of research, ranging from generalized physiological analysis to a particular molecule’s deepest analysis. Studies at molecular level are precisely what Precellys instruments have been developed for. With more than 60 publications since the beginning of 2019 (in cancerology) featuring Precellys technology, this is a pride for Bertin to be a world reference in molecular extraction. Precellys Evolution is able to homogenize up to 24 tubes simultaneously. Its powerful 3D motion ensures reproducibility, liability and precision for any biological sample’s homogenization process.

Here is a selection of 3 scientific publications that highlight the various approaches of cancer research, but also the versatility of Precellys:

  •  Early and late endothelial response in breast cancer metastasis in mice: simultaneous quantification of endothelial biomarkers using mass spectrometry-based method 

From Joanna Suraj, Anna Kurpińska, Agnieszka Zakrzewska, Magdalena Sternak, Marta Stojak, Agnieszka Jasztal, Maria Walczak, Stefan Chlopicki

  • High detection sensitivity with antibody-based PET radioligand for amyloid beta in brain

From Xiaotian T. Fang, Greta Hultqvist, Silvio R. Meier, Gunnar Antoni, Dag Sehlin, Stina Syvänen

  • Radiolabeling of cell membrane-based nano-vesicles with 14C-linoleic acid for robust and sensitive quantification of their biodistribution

From Nitzan Letko Khait, Natali Malkah, Galoz Kaneti, Lital Fried, Noa Cohen Anavy, Torner Bronshtein, Marcelle Machluf